Pet Grooming - Fayetteville

Pet Grooming

Being a part of the family, many pets have access to sofas, beds, and most other furniture. It is essential that we keep them as clean and hygienic as possible. This not only serves to maintain the health of the human family members, but also the pets themselves! In fact, regular bathing and pet grooming will also help you identify health problems that you could otherwise miss. We know how important your pets are. Hence at Canine Design Grooming Studio, we strive to go beyond the normal industry standards when approaching quality pet care and grooming. If you are looking for affordable pet grooming services in Fayetteville, we are always ready to serve you!

Pet Bath - Fayetteville

Pet Bath

Offering your pet a calm environment, brief visits, and quality grooms, is why Canine Design Grooming Studio is your best choice for pet bath services in Fayetteville. We do not use heat dryers, and we will not leave your pet unattended on a table or tub. Canine Design Grooming Studio offers a clean, friendly, and fun facility for bathing your pet. Our primary aim is to offer comfortable, reliable and easy pet maintenance. Our professional staff provides high-quality pet bathing with clean/disinfected, standing height bathtubs, quality shampoos, and high-velocity dryers. Eliminate the mess in your home, bathroom and laundry room by bringing your dog to us! Get a perfect pet wash for your lovely pet at extremely affordable rates.

Pet Grooming Equipment - Fayetteville

Pet Grooming Equipment

To ensure that you get the best pet grooming services at Canine Design Grooming Studio, we always use quality pet grooming equipment such as our grooming table, dog grooming scissors, dog grooming supplies, pet grooming brushes, dog grooming dryers, and much more. We offer superior quality pet grooming supplies in Fayetteville and simplify the shopping experience for you. If what you require is not with us yet, just let us know and we can order it just for you!

Dog Grooming Salon - Fayetteville

Dog Grooming Salon

Dog grooming is an essential part of pet care. Canine Design Grooming Studio tailors the dog grooming experience specifically for each pet, as the amount of grooming required depends on the age, breed, and health of the dog. We groom dogs in plain sight, and our beautiful dog grooming salon has a relaxing reception area where you can browse our pet products while you wait. Owners are more than welcome to stay and watch their dog being pampered. We pride ourselves on excellent standards and customer service. At our premium dog grooming salon in Fayetteville, we will make sure that your pet stays clean, shiny and happy!

Dog Trimmers and Shave - Fayetteville

Dog Trimmers and Shavers

If you’ve been thinking about having your dog groomed, but your dog has never had a grooming experience, we at Canine Design Grooming Studio in Fayetteville invite you to try our dog grooming salon. Have no fear if your pet is a mess of mats. Our skilled experts will tend to your dog as if it's their own. We skillfully provide a diverse range of services such as dog haircuts, dog nail trimming services, dog nail grinding, dog shaving, and much more. At the end of our quality services, your dog will leave with his head high and tail wagging. From nail clips, bathing, hair trims, and shave downs; we do it all in a right way, giving your pet an experience he will love. Choose the level of service that suits you and your pet best.

Best Dog Clippers - Fayetteville

Best Dog Clippers

Does your dog have a curly, wiry, silky, wavy, or long coat? If so, there’s a great chance he will need a routine hair clipping. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t all that long, it still might be very advantageous to have a proper haircut for more than aesthetic reasons. With many breeds of dog, clipping and trimming lessen the possibility of tangles, matting, flea infestation, and skin infections. Our professional dog clippers ensure to help your dog stay clean as well as cooler during long, hot summers. Our dog groomers use the right clippers, scissors, and trimmers the first time, saving you cash and additional visits.